Author in world first for dyslexia

Gloria Morgan with her range of books for dyslexia
Gloria Morgan with her range of books for dyslexia

In a world first a Kimberley author has launched a publishing company which supplies books tailored for dyslexia sufferers.

Gloria Morgan of Victoria Street, Kimberley, has joined forces with other authors and publisher Christopher Day to launch Dayglo Books Ltd which focuses on printing books accessible to people who have dyslexia.

There are ten books in the Dayglo series including three written by Gloria herself - ‘Cassie: the story of a rescue dog’, ‘No choice’ and ‘Buzz off bee’.

Gloria, 58, came up with the idea after a friend told her about a new font - Open Dyslexic - which was invented by Abelardo Gonzales last year and is easier to read for dyslexics.

She told the Advertiser: “Although there are educational books to help with dyslexia, I was shocked that there are no books for reading for pleasure.

“Someone ought to have done this years ago, so I thought I had better do it.”

The Dayglo books are adapted in a variety of ways to make them easier to read for those with the learning difficulty. Not only is the font different but the words are printed on grey tinted paper, the paragraphs are shorter and the lines never end with hypenated words or an ‘I’ as it is harder to know what word comes next.

She said: “They don’t chose to be dyslexic but they are often excluded and made to feel like they are stupid and not trying hard enough.

“As a result, they often lose confidence and then these people fall through the cracks and end up in trouble.

“I’m waving the banner here for social inclusion.”

Gloria hopes that the books will give people the confidence to begin reading for pleasure.

The project has also been awarded £2,000 by the European Union Redevelopment Fund to buy specialist computer software.