Bar hours noise: No concerns say police

FEARS that extending the opening hours of a Kimberley bar will create noise have been downplayed by police.

An application to let Dillinger's on Main Street to open from 11pm to 1am the following day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Bank Holidays was approved at a meeting of Broxtowe Borough Council.

But planning officers received 26 letters or emails expressing fears over noise and disturbance for local residents, anti-social behaviour, excessive drinking, and questioning the need for such an extension of hours.

Nottinghamshire police said they had no objections to the proposal.

After meeting with the bar's owner, Peter Byrne, Cossall and Kimberley cllr Richard Robinson said: "Dillingers have done a lot over the past two years to crack down on the previous bad practices at the pub - for example the frequent selling of cheap alcohol.

"The majority of younger people do not now frequent Dillingers - but have moved on to other pubs - because there's no cheap booze available now and the owner is trying to appeal to a different market.

"There is no longer, so I understand a Thursday night attraction that used to attract a myriad of teenagers from round about - with cheap drinks."

Dillinger's owner Peter Byrne has offered to meet the residents who are concerned about noise and show them the alterations and improvements he is making to his premises.

Kimberley Town Council objected to the application on the grounds that the residents of surrounding and nearby streets will be disturbed by patrons of the premises and that the town council anticipates a rise in anti-social behaviour.

The property was originally a chapel, then subsequently a supermarket and snooker hall. Permission was granted in 1995 for the change of use to a bar/diner and for the construction of an extension.

Condition 7 of this permission stated that "the use of the premises for the approved purposes shall cease no later than 11.30 pm on any evening".