Blowing bubbles is latest media craze

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An Eastwood grandfather-of-five who was diagnosed with a devastating disease is helping to promote a national campaign which is taking social media sites by storm.

Gordon Butler, of Springfield Avenue, Eastwood, is blowing bubbles in support of the British Lung Foundation’s (BLF) week-long campaign to raise awareness of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

IPF kills around 5,000 people a year - more than conditions such as leukaemia - and there is no known cure. and just half will live for more than 3 years after their diagnosis.

Gordon, 73, was diagnosed with IPF in 2007 after his wife, Kath, insisted he see a doctor about his persistant coughing.

The former deputy-headmaster of the Priory Roman Catholic School, Eastwood, said: “IPF limits what you can do and I have to pace myself, but I certainly don’t give into it - we just adapted the things we do.”

Gordon has recieved help and support from Breathe Easy Nottingham West and he wants other sufferers and their families to access the same level of treatment.

He added: “With no cure for this devastating disease, more needs to be done to ensure fewer lives are claimed by it.

I hope people will join us this World IPF Week to raise more awareness of this disease.”

Ruth Fleming, British Lung Foundation’s IPF Manager, said: “This World IPF Week is about raising awareness of this devastating disease in order to help bridge these gaps and provide support where it’s needed. With the help of people like Gordon, we can make real inroads in helping save patient’s lives.”

Follow the week on Twitter with #IPFWeek, share your photo of blowing bubbles in support on Facebook and remember to text ‘IPF’ to 70500 to donate £5 the BLF.