Candidate list for parish elections is announced

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HERE is a list of candidates for the parish council elections taking place across our patch:

cossall (uncontested): Eric Bradley, Ewart Bull, Reginald Connor, Bryan Maloney, William Pike, John Wheatley.

KIMBERLEY: Christine Brown (Lab), Sarah Brown (Lab), Steven Brunt (Ind), Mel Crow (Con), Jeff Dickman (Ind), Shane Easom (Con), Patrick Ellis (Ind), David Kirwan (Lab), Jim McDonald (Lab), Mary McGuckin (Lab), David Nunn (Ind), Janet Pearce (Lab), Roy Plumb (Ind), Trevor Rood (Ind), Dot Saxton (Ind), Charles Shaw (Ind), Ian Wilson (Ind).

EASTWOOD NORTH: Trevor Burrows (Lib Dem), Bob Charlesworth (Lib Dem), Hazel Charlesworth (Lib Dem), Kenneth Kenny (Lab), David Marchant (Lib Dem).

EASTWOOD SOUTH: David Bagshaw (Lab), Susan Bagshaw (Lab), Richard Dodge (Lib Dem), Lee-Ann Foreman (Lib Dem), Josie Forrest (Lib Dem), Brian Fretwell (Lib Dem), Brian Griffin (Lab), David Hallam (Lib Dem), Keith Longdon (Lib Dem), Nigel Morgan (Lib Dem), David Page (Lib Dem), Charlie Robb (Lab), Rayner Robb (Lab), Tony Rowland (Lib Dem), Don Rowley (Lab), Marjorie Rowley (Lab), Michelle Selby (Lab), Martin Shaw (Lib Dem), Ian Stevens (Lab), Kevin Wilkinson (Lib Dem), Ken Woodhead (Lab), John Zalewski (Lab).

GILTBROOK AND NEWTHORPE: Maureen Barry (Con), Mick Brown (Con), Paul Chambers (Ind), Madeleine Fletcher, Margaret Handley (Con), June Layton (Con), Martina Lovely (Con), Simon Lovely (Con), Stuart Rowland (Con), Babs Wing (Con).

NUTHALL EAST: Jayne Baumber (Con), Neil Codd (Ind), Nita Green (Con), Philip Owen (Con), Janet Pearce (Lab), Paul Simpson (Con), Michael Spencer (Con), Rita Spencer (Con), Maureen Towers (Con), Clifford Wilson (Con).

NUTHALL WEST: Christine Brown (Lab), Laura Brown (Lab), Sarah Brown (Lab), Derek Burnett (Con), Christine Hall (Con), Jill Owen (Con), Brian Watson (Con).

BRINSLEY (UNCONTESTED): Colin Barson, John Booth, John Pass, Victoria Syson, John Taylor, Urwin Thackery, Wladyslaw Wilhardt.

GREASLEY (Watnall ward uncontested): Christine Bird, Derek Burnett, Ian Coupland, Robert Willimott.

GREASLEY (Beauvale ward uncontested): John Handley, Adrian Limb.

ALDERCAR & LANGLEY MILL (UNCONTESTED): Clive Booth, Michael Fowkes, Mari Fowler, Sue Fowler, Jonathan Gagg, Lee George, Eileen Hamilton, Timothy Knowles, Tracey Langton, Pat Manning, Anne White, Neil Woodward.

SELSTON (Jacksdale ward uncontested): Diane Butler (Selston Area Independents Putting People First), Mary Dodds (Lab), Brian Jackson (Selston Area Independents Putting People First), Sue Jackson (Selston Area Independents Putting People First), Liz Mays (Lab), James Parry (Lab).

SELSTON (Selston ward uncontested): Fiona Asbury (Lib Dem), Scott Asbury (Lib Dem), David Darby (Selston Area Independents Putting People First), Rachel Madden (Lib Dem), Austin Rathe (Lib Dem), Shane Ross (Ind), David Sewell (Ind), Gail Turner (Selston Area Independents Putting People First), Mark Wilson (Selston Area Independents Putting People First), Sam Wilson (Selston Area Independents Putting People First).

SELSTON (Underwood ward): Andy Fell (Ind), Penny Fell (Ind), Bob Green (Selston Area Independents Putting People First), Keith Longdon (Lib Dem), Steve Mays (Lab), Robert Sears-Piccavey (Lib Dem)