Concern over 700 houses

An Underwood councillor is calling on the public to attend a meeting this weekend objecting to 700 houses being built in the area

Robert Sears-Piccavey said the potential 700 new homes coming to Underwood, Selston and Bagthorpe will cause traffic chaos on the roads and will overcrowd schools.

“They are trying to force nearly 700 houses in the rural area.

“It’s alright them doing that but the schools and roads can’t cope.

“It’s bad enough on the A608 now during rush hour. It’s terrible.

“It is just not on. Underwood is already oversubscribed and there’s 200 earmarked for there. Where are they going to go?

“We understand we have got to have housing, but it should be sustainable,” he added.

The councillor said it was important residents went to the meeting this Sunday to make their opinions known.

“This is the only consultation where people will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers,” he said.

Several local councillors, including Cllr Sears-Piccavey, will be at Underwood Community Centre this Sunday, October 21 between 1pm and 5pm.

Residents can drop in at any point during this time.

A spokesperson for Ashfield District Council said the public consulation ends on November 9. “The council will then consider all responses received and make amendments, where appropriate, to the plan,” she said.