Crime commissioner and local MP speak out about terrorist attack

The Nottinghamshire Crime Commissioner and Eastwood MP have spoken out about a soldier killed in a terrorist attack in London yesterday.

The soldier killed in a terrorist attack on Wednesday has been named as Drummer Lee Rigby.

His parents who live in Manchester said he would do anything for anybody and he wanted to be a soldier all his life.

Nottinghamshire Crime commissioner Paddy Tipping described the attack as ‘tragic’ and Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero said it was ‘an appalling act of terrorism’.

Lee, 25, was attacked and killed near to army barracks in a street in Woolwich.

Two men were seen in the street with bloodied meat cleavers and a machete.

Mr Tipping said he was amazed at how local people approached the offenders.

“I was struck at how brazen the whole thing was, and what struck me was how local people took the offenders on.

“It was a tragic event.”

Gloria De Piero said “Everyone is shocked by what has happened. It’s a truly appalling act of terrorism.

“All of my thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim. Those who are responsible must now face the full force of British justice. Politicians of all Parties must work together to ensure that happens.”

The two mem were shot and wounded by police and are now recovering in hospital under armed guard.