Firm steps in after vandals’ rampage

NEAALM110413C1 - Barry and Hazel Brentnall with the smashed window
NEAALM110413C1 - Barry and Hazel Brentnall with the smashed window

BUILDERS have been forced to remove large stones from their site after yobs started throwing them through residents’ windows.

Workmen on the Bridleways development off Halls Lane created a long drainage trench filled with large stones, but have had to cover it with top soil after youths threw them through the windows of several houses on the site, and properties next door.

Barry and Hazel Brentnall have been left at the end of their tether after the youths smashed one of their windows and damaged three others.

Terrified Mr Brentnall was in bed when he heard the stones being fired at his home and said it sounded like a ‘bulldozer breaking the house down’.

The incident has left the couple struggling to sleep and Mrs Brentnall not wanting to leave the house.

“You listen for every noise. We are just waiting for it to happen again,” Mr Brentnall said.

His wife – who has had a visit from Victim Support – said she didn’t want to go out in fear of what she would come back to.

The pair turned up to a Greasley Parish Council meeting on Monday night and begged councillors to help them reason with housing developers Persimmon.

The couple say they have suffered constant problems since the development got underway, but say the latest incident was the ‘final straw’.

They asked councillors to help them convince Persimmon to re-turf the trench – who have since responded by covering over the stones.

Mr Brentnall said: “We have had troubles, we will have more troubles and we need your help.“Every time we try and find out what’s been done, we just hit brick walls.”

The Brentnalls – whose property in Brandreth Drive backs immediately onto the development of 88 houses – say they have also suffered problems with noise, dirt and dust.

At one point the noise and vibration from drilling caused their fuse wires to come loose, and they even had to fight the developers to get their driveway taken out of the plans.

The couple have been in touch with their MP Anna Soubry and have had the leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, David Watts, pay them a visit.

But they say nothing ever gets done, and they get ‘fobbed off’ with people ‘just writing letters’ all the time.

Residents on Wessex Drive and Bacon Close claim they have also had trouble with noise and dirt from the site.

And Greasley Parish Council chairman John Handley said he would organise a site visit with the borough council’s chief executive, while Cllr Christine Bird, who used to be PA to one of the Persimmon Homes bosses, said she would use her contacts to look into it.

And Mariana Knight, sales director for Persimmon Homes, encouraged residents with issues to contact them.

She added: “As part of Persimmon’s ongoing development, a new natural drainage system has been installed adjacent to the site.

“The drainage trench had been covered in gravel to coincide with the design of this particular type of drain.

“We are now in the process of covering the gravel with top soil after an incident involving local children using the gravel to break windows in our new homes and other properties that neighbour our development.

“While it is regrettable that this anti-social behaviour has caused an inconvenience to our site neighbours, we have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that it will not happen again in the future.”