‘Give more power to the people’

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MPs for Ashfield and Broxtowe have expressed their relief at the result of the Scottish referendum and have called for greater devolution of powers to local councils.

Both Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry and Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero said they were pleased that the Scots had rejected independence from the UK as it is ‘better together’.

However, they both believe that the reaction to the referendum revealed a need for political change as people want greater devolution to parish and town councils.

Ms Soubry said: “I hope the referendum made my constituents appreciate that we are better off with Scotland - economically, culturally and politically - but now we have to deliver on the promise of more power to them.

“However, a lot of people do feel a lack of power over determining their own lives, so I would like to see a lot more power going to the lower levels - parish and town councils.

Ms De Piero agreed and said she was proud that the Scots had made the historic decision to stay.

She added: “If there’s one thing this referendum has shown, it’s that we need to bring power closer to ordinary working people.

“Labour has already promised to devolve £30bn of spending to English regions if we win the election next year which would give places like Eastwood far more control over money for big projects and would tackle the massive regional imbalances head on.”