Gun-toting Kimberley

A GROUNDBREAKING road safety scheme is to be piloted in Kimberley as "speed guns" are handed out to seven volunteers.

The seven "gun-slingers" will get special training before they don high-visibility jackets and take up their speed-monitoring posts in Swingate, Nottingham Road and Eastwood Road.

New signs in the designated areas will alert drivers to the speed monitoring; those caught speeding will receive letters highlighting their offence and warning them against a repeat.

Kimberley councillor Richard Robinson, together with cllr Steve Brunt and Broxtowe MP Nick Palmer, worked with the police on the initiative which will start in February.

Cllr Robinson said: "This is all about community involvement with individual residents playing a key part in bringing about significant improvements.

"Kimberley has been chosen out of the whole of the Broxtowe borough area to pilot the scheme, partly because of the success in finding a larger team of volunteers than in other parts of the borough."

Dr Palmer said: "I accept that speed cameras are not universally popular, however these monitors are in spots chosen by local people as areas where speeding traffic endangers lives".

"Experience from other parts of the country is that it makes a real difference – and if it saves a life, it's worth all the effort."

Volunteer John Harvey said: "I am hoping that this initiative helps make a major contribution towards increasing road safety in Kimberley."

Cllr Robinson and Dr Palmer want to pay tribute to the volunteers for the many hours of work they put into making the scheme happen.