Junction nightmare

A NOTORIOUS Kimberley junction is the target of a road safety campaign.

Councillor Richard Robinson has called an urgent site meeting for tonight in a bid to persuade the County Council to make improvements at the crossroads that join Maws Lane, Eastwood Road and Awsworth Lane.

The junction has been plagued by traffic congestion, near-miss vehicle collisions - causing frustration for local residents.

Douglas Bacon, of Hayley Close, said: "It's an absolute nightmare for drivers trying to turn out of Awsworth Lane onto Eastwood Road - and not only at rush hour.

"If you are trying to get up Maws Lane, it's often nigh on impossible, due to parked cars and other obstructions."

Cllr Robinson said: "What I want to see happen - once the council have seen for themselves what a difficult junction this is - is prompt action to make some real improvements.

"I think local people have waited long enough and now need to see some real action, which may include a traffic island, to try and improve the traffic flow and improve safety".

The site meeting will take place at 8pm tonight (Friday) at the bottom of Maws Lane, with County Council engineers, local residents and cllr Robinson.