Kimberley road breakthrough

KIMBERLEY residents blighted by a notorious road junction have hailed a major breakthrough following discussions with the leader of Nottinghamshire County Council.

Members of the Eastwood Road Action Group (ERAG) lobbied Cllr David Kirkham and now county council officials will attend the group's meetings in order to hear the residents' concerns about road safety.

The group formed just after the May elections to put pressure on the county council to improve road safety at the Maws Lane/Eastwood Road junction, following the tragic death two years ago of Christopher Fiddler nearby.

ERAG member and Kimberley resident Sally Sargeant said: "I'm very glad the county council has responded positively to the sensible and balance arguments we put.

"The power of persuasion is very important and now we've got opportunities for a proper dialogue I'm hopeful we can start to make some tangible progress".

Cllr Steve Brunt said: "It seems at last as though Kimberley residents at last can see a light at the end of the tunnel with the county council.

"There are some really simple but effective things we can do now like making progress on moving the bus stop near the junction, that causes so many tailbacks and is a real danger for pedestrians and motorists alike."

Cllr Richard Robinson said: "I think this goes to show that patient persistence can pay dividends.

"There's a real impetus for change now - obviously there's more detailed work to do now and I look forward to working with the county council and ERAG over the coming weeks to put a full package of safety measures together."