Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero plans to make long-term unemployed take a job or face losing their benefits

Sutton Job Centre.

Sutton Job Centre.

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While I welcome the recent news that unemployment is down I think it’s wrong for Ministers to say the economy is fixed when the majority of hard working folk in Ashfield are still to see any signs of the recovery in the pockets.

Now is not the time to be crowing especially when you scratch beneath the surface and take a closer look at the figures. Just before the global financial crisis hit there were 1,286 people out of work in Ashfield yet last month almost 500 more people were signing on at local job centres.

It just goes to show just how much more work needs to be done and we’d get there much quicker if Ministers backed plans for getting the next generation back into work with a compulsory ‘jobs guarantee’ for young people out of work for a year and for over 25’s out of work for 2 years.


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