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Toll Bar Square

Toll Bar Square

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Local author Gloria Morgan, whose novel ‘Kinmers Lea’ depicts life in Kimberley back in the year 1086, is now bringing out a special edition of three books intended for people with dyslexia.

Gloria, 58, is originally from London but has lived in Kimberley for 27 years. She said: “As a writer, I want my books to be inclusive of all readers. I understand dyslexia to be a problem for bright, intelligent people who find the printed word confusing.

Gloria Morgan book cover

Gloria Morgan book cover

“My new special editions incorporate more than a dozen subtle features in the text, some suggested by The British Dyslexia Association. People with dyslexia may find these features make my books easier to read. That is my sincere hope.

“One of the new special editions is an illustrated children’s book. The other two feature my much-loved rescue dog, Cassie.”

Gloria will be launching these books on Saturday (May 3) in Kimberley. From 9am to 1pm she will be on Toll Bar Square, Kimberley in a bright red gazebo. From 2pm to 4pm she will be in Alice’s Antiques on James Street. And Cassie will be there too.

The books will be priced at £5 each and Gloria will be looking for feedback.

Gloria and one of her book covers are pictured with Toll Bar Square in the background.

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