Hunt for young heroes

A Nottinghamshire contest that reveals, recognises and rewards young unsung heroes has been launched with the support of the county council ­ and the blessing of the Prime Minister.

SkillsTrain Young People of the Year in Notts offers young people aged ten to 25 who make a difference and give to others the chance to win cash prizes through the scheme.

Gordon Brown said: "The Young People of the Year competition is a wonderful celebration of Britain's youth. It is looking for the kind of heroes who live next door, and in the next street, and throughout our neighbourhoods the kind of heroes other young people might want to become."

The contest looks for young people who give to others in so many different positive ways.

They can care for members of their family who may be disabled or have other problems; help run a youth club or other organization; look after abandoned or neglected animals; raise money for good causes; act heroically; volunteer for projects at home or abroad; work with disabled, ill or elderly people.

The only requirement is that the young person or group of young people 'gives to others'.

Cllr Joyce Bosnjak, who is the County Councils Cabinet Member for Children and Young Peoples Services, said: "Young People of the Year is a fantastic scheme which allows the whole county to celebrate the achievements of our young people.

"It gives us the chance to demonstrate that contrary to the unbalanced negative press coverage which depicts young people as trouble-makers the vast majority of our young people are caring, committed individuals.

"The children recognised are not necessarily the most gifted academically but they are model citizens who give up their time to benefit other people."

Anyone can nominate a young people for a YOPEY. Young people can even

enter themselves. To find out more log onto www.yopey.org or write to PO Box 103, Hare Street, Ware SG9 0NP, for an entry form.

This YOPEY closes to nominations on September 30.

There is 2,000 to be won in Nottinghamshire, with a top prize of 1,000.

Young winners will give half their prize money to a good cause of their choice, but they will be able to keep the other half.


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