Parents’ grave is ‘totally trashed’

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A woman has been left distraught after finding her parents grave completely covered in soil with the plant pots all smashed up.

Lynda Sharkey said gravediggers at Awsworth cemetery covered her parents grave in 18ins of soil after digging up the neighbouring plot – leaving newly laid turf dead, and flowers and plants trashed.

“It’s vandalism what they have done. We’re distraught,” she said.

“They have smashed all the pots that the flowers were in, there’s soil all over the gravestone itself which cost us £900, and all the grass underneath which was re-turfed nine weeks ago is completely dead.

“We keep it in immaculate condition and we go and find 18 inches of clay soil on top of the grave.

“It shouldn’t be happening. Especially when you have been here for 24 years, you’ve looked after it for that long and it’s immaculate. It’s dreadful,” she said.

Mrs Sharkey, who lives in Ilkeston, visits her parents grave once a month along with other family members.

Her sister Rebecca Chapman said: “I could come to terms with it a bit if it was an old grave that had been left but there were fresh flowers on it and they totally trashed it.

“They have not shown any compassion whatsoever.”

Mrs Sharkey contacted MP Anna Soubry and complained through the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham’s Office and the vicar Andy Lord.

The Rev Andy Lord arranged for the soil to be removed the following morning and apologised to the sisters.




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