RIPLEY: Billy goats gone - farm animals take a peak at workshop

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

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A pair of white goats caused a stir after wandering off from their farm in Ripley - and into a neighbouring workshop.

The animals were reported missing by the owner of the farm on Whiteley Road yesterday (Thursday, February 13) at 10am.

However police say they were able to put the farmer in touch with nearby firm TC fabrications - which had reported seeing the roaming billies wander into its workshop area about 5.30pm the previous evening. The 999 caller was concerned as the firm wanted to close for the night and the goats were still on the premises.

A worker at the metal fabricators Luke Maltby, 25, of Middleton Avenue, Codnor, said it isn’t the first time the curious horned animals have paid the business a visit.

He said: “We’ve seen them here before actually, they’ve been in on a Saturday, they’re not a nuisance.

“They’ve made themselves quite welcome - I think my boss wanted to take them home!”

The goats have since been returned to their owners.

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