Success for Brinsley car crash farmers

Brinsley farmers who walked away from a horrific car crash have seen their cattle take a clean sweep of awards at a showground just two months on.

Hilary and Andrew Taylor, of Manor Farm, were returning home from a horse fair in Cumbria in June when the side mirror was knocked off their car by an oncoming lorry.

The lorry's slipstream caused the couple's 22-ft long caravan their estate car was towing to snake and Mrs Taylor lost control and only narrowly avoided driving into a tree.

She suffered broken ribs, a broken wrist and needed stitches in her arm, while her husband had 18 stitches in his face and mouth.

But while still recovering, the couple were thrilled to take home awards in each of the classes they entered their charolais cattle in at last weekend's Ashover Show.

Six of the cows and a calf were entered into the show and earned Hilary and Andrew, and their staff, five firsts and a supreme champion - which means it was the best in show.

Judges marked the cattle in several criteria including how they move and their general well-being and, in the Best in Show category, the first in each class is shown in a ring with four judges making the final decision.

In one of the other categories, their cows won first and second places.

Hilary said: "We're three-quarters of the way to recovery - but this was the best medicine we've had!"

She added she and her husband had received 35 get well cards and intend making an appearance with their cattle at this weekend's Moorgreen Show.


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