VIDEO: Toddler rescued from mop bucket - mum relives ordeal

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Meet gorgeous toddler Minnie Snodgrass - the beautiful blonde tot who got wedged in a mop bucket and had to be freed by firefighters.

The cute 16-month-old, who was oblivious to all the fuss she was causing, sat waving her arms and jigging around in the bucket while she was frantically driven to hospital by her grandma.

The whole hilarious episode was captured on video by Minnie’s mum Gemma Snodgrass, aged 29, who filmed her curly-locked daughter on her mobile phone.

Gemma told The Star the ordeal began when she turned her back for a few moments and returned to find little Minnie stuck firm in the metal mop bucket.

She had been mopping the kitchen floor with Minnie and her older brother Matthew, aged four, nearby.

After going upstairs for a few moments she heard Matthew yell out and came back to find Minnie had climbed inside the empty bucket and could not get out.

“She must have climbed in and sat down and got wedged,” Gemma said.

Hairdresser Gemma, of Doncaster Road, Conisbrough added: “I had just mopped the kitchen floor, emptied it and put it at the side of the study door.

“I went upstairs to put some sheets on the bed and then I heard her brother Matthew shout ‘Mum, Minnie’s stuck!’

“I picked up the bucket and was panicking when I couldn’t get her out.”

Gemma’s mum Rose Cope, aged 54, came to the rescue and drove them to Montagu Hospital.

Said Gemma: “Minnie looked quite content as she sat waving her arms and dancing in the bucket.

When they arrived at hospital they were taken to a back room.

Gemma said: “They told me to take her straight through to the back because we didn’t want everybody laughing at us, because it’s not funny.

“They rang for the fire brigade and they came about five minutes later to get her out.”

Minnie was set free by four firefighters.

Gemma said: “They used bolt cutters and it took four of them, because they had to make sure they didn’t cut her.

“She was all right until there were four men there and then she started crying.”

Thankfully Minnie came through the experience unhurt.

“She just loves climbing, she climbs into anything she can get in,” said Gemma.

“She’s fine now. I’m not allowed a mop bucket again. I’ll just use a steam mop.”




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