Marice to fight seat for labour

A KIMBERLEY mother thinks she is the best choice to become the town's county councillor because she will "shout in the right areas".

Marice Clarke will stand as the Labour party candidate for Kimberley and Trowell when current county councillor Richard Robinson moves on in May's elections.

Mother of three Mrs Clarke already holds various important positions throughout the borough, including working as a community development officer, chairing the North Broxtowe Local Area Forum and forming strategic partnerships in and around Kimberley.

She said: "I've been working in the community for a long time and it's the next logical step for me to carry on what I'm doing now and be more effective really.

"Although in Kimberley we've had plenty of money, especially from the county, I think we need somebody who's going to shout in the right areas to make sure that funding keeps coming our way.

"Eastwood and Beeston can access funds that we can't access so it's the right thing for me to do now."

"I can't see anybody else who can do the job at the moment and I know that sounds big headed but it does take somebody with all these links already."

Current county councillor Richard Robinson has chosen to make way for Mrs Clarke as he has been chosen as Parliamentary Candidate for Labour in Charnwood, Leicestershire.

Coun Robinson said: "With the General Election widely expected this year I thought it only right and proper to make way for a new candidate for Kimberley.

"Marice is a first class candidate who will carry on Labour's proud tradition in Kimberley of putting the needs of the community first.

Coun Robinson became county councillor for Kimberley and Trowell in 1997. He held the seat in 2001.

He added: "I would like to pay tribute to Terry and Betty Syson and coun Roy Plumb who have been a tremendous source of inspiration to me."

Broxtowe MP Nick Palmer added: "It is a widespread view throughout Kimberley and Trowell that Richard's hard work really has made a difference over the past 8 years and I have every confidence Marice will have the same level of success."

Pictured: MP Nick Palmer congratulates Marice Clarke on her selection as county council candidate for Kimberley and Trowell.