Milestone year for veteran photographer Alan Clayden

One of Alan's previous photos
One of Alan's previous photos

A veteran photographer is celebrating 60 years of pictures with a special ‘Milestones’ exhibition in Eastwood opening next month.

Alan Clayden, 80, began taking photos on a holiday in Scarborough with his wife, Josephine, before they were married and since then has had his work exhibited across the globe and has won numerous awards and accolades.

‘Milestones’ will be on display at the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre and will be Alan’s seventh solo exhibition at the Rainbow Gallery.

Alan explained that this exhibition will feature photographs taken across Europe, Africa and Asia over the last three years covering a variety of subjects including landscape, architecture, still life and portraits.

He added: “I wanted to make this exhibition special as it is my 80th year, and also 55 years since I joined the Royal Photographic Society but I am still as keen now as I was in 1959.”

However, Alan said one print in this exhibition is the photograph which has most troubled his conscience in the last 60 years.

He said: “It was during a trip to Ethopia when they came across a man and his wife who were the poorest people I’ve ever seen - their clothes were just made of rags.

“I felt really guilty photographing them, and I often still think about them.

“It’s had more impact on me than any other photo I’ve ever taken.”

During his life Alan has been a telecommunications engineer and a scrapyard owner but his passion for photography remained constant and he is now an associate of societies in Singapore and South Africa.

Ten years ago Alan was awarded the highest honour given out by the Royal Photographic Society as he was made a Fellow of the society.

‘Milestones’ runs from Friday November 7 until Sunday December 21, 10am until 4pm.

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