MPs hear housing concerns

Kimberley Residents protest against housing plans.
Kimberley Residents protest against housing plans.

Planning Minister Nick Boles and Broxtowe MP Annsa Soubry went to a public meeting in Kimberley, organised to discuss housing plans for the area.

About 80 people turned up to the town’s Holy Trinity Church to hear about the plan to build 650 houses in Kimberley.

Mr Boles went along after a day touring the constituency with Ms Soubry, looking at both potential brownfield sites that are not being used for the new homes, and the greenbelt sites that are.

Ms Soubry gave a talk at the meeting about planning issues and how important it was to protect the greenbelt land in the area.

The meeting last Thursday, July 18, was arranged by Kimberley Residents Association, which first formed to protest against the sale of Broomhill Lodge earlier this year.

Association chairman Darren Warner said: “The meeting was an enormous success as far as informing the public and moving the campaign forward to the next stage.

“We will be meeting with the planning inspector in October when hopefully we will have gathered enough evidence to try and counteract the amount that they are proposing to build.

“Our argument is about the size and scale of it all. Trying to fit 650 houses into Kimberley – it’s just overkill.

“It’s an overall increase of 25 per cent in housing,” he said.

Mr Warner said many of the people who turned up said they were unaware of the plans and were ‘in shock’ at what was happening.

“A lot of people were saying they just didn’t know anything about it,” said Mr Warner.

“They were just in shock about it.

Ms Soubry encouraged meeting-goers to get on board the association’s campaign. 6,150 homes are proposed for Broxtowe.