NEWS BULLETIN: youths arrested; and voting rights plea

News: Bringing you news 24-hours a day.
News: Bringing you news 24-hours a day.

Check out these latest pieces of bitesize news from the Advertiser district, including the arrest of two youths after a bike theft and an appeal by a council for people to ensure the preserve their right to vote.

Bike theft

Two youths have been arrested on suspicion of theft after a bike was stolen from a back garden in Langley Mill.

A man got into a garden on Crown Way, stealing and passing a bike over the fence to an accomplice before fleeing. Police later spotted an 18-year-old pushing a bike down the street. He was arrested on suspicion of theft. A 17-year-old was arrested at a nearby house.

Voting rights

Residents of Eastwood, Kimberley and the rest of Broxtowe are being urged to make sure they don’t lose their right to vote.

Locals must register to vote before May 6 or they will be unable to go to the polls. Electoral registration forms were delivered to every household in the borough last year but time is now running out to complete the registration. Voting in the European Elections takes place on Thursday May 22. For more information, contact Broxtowe Borough Council on 0115 917 3250, email or visit