Pensioners left out of pocket

A doorstep trader who laid poor-quality driveways in Selston has been ordered to repay his victims and do community service.

Shane Hudson, 27, from Nottingham, was sentenced to a 150-hour community order and ordered to pay back £12,000 to four victims – three of whom were elderly Selston residents.

He worked for a company called Capital Drives and driveways often had inadequate drainage and foundations with weak cement to hold the block paving together.

Hudson failed to give customers proper written cancellation rights they were entitled to, and claimed the work was guaranteed for five years – but failed to return to rectify problems.

Jeff Addison, 63 of Selston, had a new block paved drivevway and patio which cost £4,900. He has so far spent £500 to improve drainage and they both need ripping up and starting again.

Jeff said: “I feel I’ve been completely taken for a ride. I’m no fool as I was once a salesman and a magistrate but I was completely taken in by his pressurised sales techniques. He came across as a professional as he had all the right equipment and an official looking van.

Jeff’s neighbour Elaine Holland, 64, was also a customer of Hudson. She paid for £3,500 for a new tarmac drive which has had to be redone.

“It was shocking. It was laid with no foundations and there were footprints on the surface. This has been very distressing for my husband who is 86 and ill.”

Hudson pleaded guilty and was sentenced at Nottingham Magistrates Court last week.