Racers will be trapped

EASTWOOD police are setting a speed trap to catch boy racers in Awsworth who use a back lane for time trials.

Special speed guns which have automatic number plate recognition devices will be used to deter dangerous driving on Awsworth Lane.

Inspector John Lees of Eastwood police said: "Cars are losing it on the corner and going into the front gardens

"One of the key areas for us is road safety There have been a number of incidents on Awsworth Lane where cars have not been able to negotiate the corner and have ended up in front gardens.

"We are looking at a positive measure which will protect the public."

Fixed penalty notices will be handed out to those caught

Cossall and Kimberley councillor Richard Robinson welcomed the new measures.

He said: "Following extensive lobbying by residents on Awsworth Lane, I am pleased with the response of the police and in particular the prompt measures they are going to implement.

"There have been long standing speeding problems in this area which I know have caused some concern.

An anti-skid surface near the houses around 29 Awsworth Lane was installed in January to prevent accidents.