Reader letter: Who is to blame for ‘shameful’ mess?

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I walked along the track towards Allendale Farm and the Erewash Valley recently. A few yards down from the main road to the right of the track I saw a horrid mess.

Someone has dumped the contents of an old bathroom. I was so cross that I returned home to make some signs to put up saying “selfish” “shameful” and “ who dumped this?”

The police can’t do anything unless I actually saw who did it. Broxtowe can’t do anything because it’s on private land. I’m not sure who owns the land, but it seems it’s the farmer’s responsibility to clear it up. This seems most unfair. I wonder if there’s anything you can do? It really spoils a country walk to see litter and this pile of dumped rubbish is HORRID!

Joanna Terry

Main Street, Brinsley