Sgt Andy Browning

There are not many events day-to-day where you can say that by deliberately doing something you are potentially going to alter your life, your family’s and friends’ lives and even the lives of people you don’t know.

But if you drink alcohol before getting into your car you are doing just that.

We have created an anti-drink drive DVD to show people the consequences of making that decision.

The DVD will be shown on a digivan across the area over the next few weeks.

It features real people who have been affected by drink driving. We hope the graphic nature of the content will alert people to the risks and ensure they make a different decision in the future.

Drink and drug driving is one aspect of the Fatal 4 campaign, which focuses on the main causes of serious injury or death on the roads in Nottinghamshire.

Another is speeding and your community needs you to help put the brakes on speeding drivers.

We are appealing for more volunteers in Brinsley to join a scheme where you can become actively involved in cracking down on speeding.

The Community Speed Watch Scheme, which has been successful in other areas in recent years, aims to cut down on the number of drivers who speed through the village but needs more volunteers to be able to go ahead.

Volunteers joining the scheme will be trained in how to use a speed gun and how to record details of vehicles they catch exceeding the speed limit.

The scheme was set up after speeding was identified as an ongoing problem in the village.

This scheme has often led to long term strategies in the policing of our roads.

We hope that you will come forward to help us as it is a real chance to get involved.

Please contact PCSO Peter Keeley on 101 extension 855 4864 or on 07525989427.