Shocking speeding results in Brinsley

NEAA 26-06-12 BE 10 Fourteen hundred drivers caught speeding in Brinsley. Pc Richard Reynolds and pcso Pete Keeley.

NEAA 26-06-12 BE 10 Fourteen hundred drivers caught speeding in Brinsley. Pc Richard Reynolds and pcso Pete Keeley.

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More than 1,400 drivers have been caught speeding in Brinsley in seven months and with 60 drivers caught in just an hour - the equivalent to one a minute.

PCSO for Brinsley Peter Keeley said he had never seen such ‘alarming’ figures in the five years he had worked in the Eastwood and Kimberley area and Nottinghamshire County Council have now agreed to install permanent speeding signs.

“It’s quite alarming figures we have been given back,” said PCSO Keeley.

“We’ve never had any figures back from another area that high before.

“A number of local people have been caught which is often the case and it has been discussed at local community meetings.

“But most of the Brinsley community are massively in favour of the camera teams being there.”

PCSO Keeley said speeding in Brinsley has been a problem for years and is always a priority policing area in the village.

Speed monitoring was started last October after the 30mph road was identified as a ‘casualty reduction zone’ by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Suzanne Heydon, the county council’s group manager for highway safety, said: “We are intending to install three interactive signs on this stretch of road, to address a number of reported injury accidents.

“These signs display the speed of approaching vehicles and ask drivers to slow down if they are exceeding the limit.

“They have proved effective at reducing speeds and accidents at other similar sites. “

“We are consulting with residents at the moment and the signs are expected to be in place within the next few months.”

PCSO Keeley said officers had tried to encourage a community speed watch in the village, but had not had enough support from residents to go ahead with it.

Six residents are needed for a community speedwatch scheme. They are fully trained by officers in how to use the handheld devices.

Anybody interested in volunteering should ring PCSO Keeley on 101 extension 8554864.

Officers from the Safety Camera Partnership, who monitor the speeding, turn up once or twice a week on different days.

They will now be monitoring traffic in Cordy Lane as well as Church Lane which both have 30mph speed limits.