Tenants unite to fight for homes

TENANTS at the site of a former brewery in Kimberley faced with the threat of eviction have formed an association to fight for their homes.

The Kimberley Brewery Tenants Association was formed after tenants, living in the former Hardys and Hansons workers' houses, were given 12 months' notice by new owners Greene King.

Tenant Colin Epton said: "The aims of the association are to protect our interests as much as we can during this uncertain time and to ask for a more secure form of tenancy than we have at the moment.

"We have got everybody who is a member of the association to write to Greene King and Savills who are the agents for the sale of the site, telling them how long we have lived here and that we would like to stay."

"We are grateful for the 12 months - but it doesn't give us any security beyond the 12 months.

"We want them to make this information available to prospective buyers. We would like the local authority to consider this when looking at any planning applications."

Kimberley councillor Richard Robinson has organised a public meeting in Kimberley next Tuesday at 7pm, at the Parish Hall, Newdigate Street, Kimberley.

Cllr Robinson said: "The purpose is to encourage a constructive dialogue. There will be an opportunity for residents to not only question Greene King - but also Broxtowe Borough Council on planning matters.

"We are hoping Savills the estate agents will be there.

"My immediate concern, along with Nick Palmer, currently is to secure some long term arrangements for those residents who are faced at this moment with uncertainty over their housing.

"This is undoubtedly the biggest issue that the community of Kimberley itself has faced for many years.

"Whilst the brewery has been an integral part of the history of the town, now of course there is a unique opportunity to secure some major investment for the town, by way of new business developments, sustainable housing and community initiatives."