Station lost forever

It has been brought to my attention with some concern, of the lack of protests against the closure of ambulance stations, particularly in the Nottingham area and our communities own ambulance station at Eastwood.

Once it’s gone, it will be lost, probably forever. The next nearest ambulance station (as Hucknall is likely to close too) would be in

Nottingham, - eight miles/15 to 20 minutes away or Mansfield, 10 miles/20 to 25 minutes away.

Proposals for a “Standby” point in Eastwood is unnecessary as ambulances are so busy they don’t do any standby, so the building of a portable building type at the cost of tens of thousands of pounds would be extremely wasteful. Eastwood ambulance and fire station was built by the local authority in the 1950s to provide a community station for this area which includes:

Eastwood, Kimberley, Newthorpe, Giltbrook, Moorgreen, Greasley, Nuthall, Watnall, Brinsley, Underwood and also Selston, Jacksdale, Bagthorpe, Lower Bagthorpe, Westwood.

This ambulance station is not in a state of disrepair and urgent expensive maintenance suggested, (is there supposed to be a maintenance budget anyway, what’s been done with it?) They could now sell the site and make any money on it. And at the end of the day this is the bottom line, it’s all about cost cutting and penny pinching. Money again. What is needed is more ambulances to deal with the workload as the population has increased since ten years ago.

There have been petitions and protest marches in Derby and Ripley and Worksop and Retford, but does anybody care in Eastwood?

Having read the badly titled being the best glossy magazine produced to promote (yes promote) station closuers and seen the facts provided by the unions and ambulance service staff on TV and protest marches, the closures are a very bad idea.

A lot of people have said they don’t know about it, I think the Advertiser could make a point of making sure people know, get some local support started before it’s too late.

Concerned local resident