Skier Bradley claims British title

Bradley Fry
Bradley Fry

Newthorpe freestyle skier Bradley Fry has added to his growing list of accolades by winning the Picture British Indoor Championships at in Manchester.

The nine-year-old, who regularly competes against much older skiers, has the U12s English and Scottish Slope Style titles to his name this year as well as a silver medal from the BRITS competition held in the French Alps.

At the Manchester event he competed in a 90-minute jam where he landed front flips, switch 180s, 360s and 540s (backwards skiing) and worked on his K-Feds and D-Feds.

On the final two runs in the slope style format, Fry had two solid runs, particularly stepping it up second time around.

The slope had four zones with rails, pipes and kickers and on run one Fry hit the top rail to 270 off landing switch, then hit the gas pipe getting his line ready to spin off the kicker where he landed a 360 mute then produced another 270 off the bottom rail.

On run two he hit the top rail spnning a 270 off once again to switch and then continued to ski backwards onto the flat down box where he did a switch up, landed switch and then continued to ski to the kicker where he landed a switch 540 spin.

He finished with a K-Fed on the gas pipe and finished with the third highest score of the day, enough to confirm the title.

Bradley wishes to thank his sponsors Planks Ski Clothing, Butta, Chillfactore Manchester Demon Dirt and DWLS as well as and

Bradley is also looking for further sponsorship and any interested local businesses can contact him through his website at