Eastwood petrol station staff praised for 'brilliant' efforts during fuel panic crisis

Residents of Eastwood and Kimberley have praised the hard work of petrol station staff as panic buying continues to create fuel shortages in the area.

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 10:34 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 10:34 am
Morrisons Eastwood petrol station staff have been praised for their handling of the chaos.

People have been struggling to fill up their vehicles this week as drivers made a dash for the pumps amid fears a shortage of tanker drivers would hit supplies.

The chaos sparked after concerns from BP were leaked to the media that the lorry driver shortage could impact its ability to keep up with fuel deliveries.

Panic buying and long queues then followed, despite government warnings asking the public not to panic buy, as motorists were pictured in the area filling multiple jerry cans.

This led to many garages introducing a £30 limit on fuel purchases.

Residents of Eastwood and Kimberley took to social media to identify which local filling stations were affected by the crisis as lack of petrol threatened to jeopardise their livelihoods.

One person posted: "I drive a minibus taking special needs children to and from school. We are struggling to find diesel.”

Another commented: “Let's just hope all emergency vehicles and NHS can commute to work without having to rely on public transport.”

Many residents praised staff at Morrisons petrol station in Eastwood for their efforts during the crisis.

One resident said: “So well organised and thank you for getting things moving along so well and with a smile on your faces. You all deserve a medal.”

Another added: “I also thought they were brilliant, kept the traffic moving, well done.”

The supermarket giant said it is working hard to keep up with the demand.

Earlier this week, a spokesperson for Morrisons said: "It is a rapidly moving situation and we are working hard with our suppliers to ensure we can continue to keep our pumps open and serve our customers.”

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As the panic continues, Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) has urged drivers to stop buying more fuel than they need.

Chairman Brian Madderson said: “If people start buying in their normal quantities, £20 worth, 20 litres to fill up every week, we could see by the some return to normality next week – it won’t be perfect, but some return.”