Brinsley Primary School opens new library to encourage children to read for pleasure

Author Daniel Henshaw with pupils from Brinsley Primary School in the new library
Author Daniel Henshaw with pupils from Brinsley Primary School in the new library

In a bid to raise the importance of reading and support the notion of reading for pleasure a Brinsley school has opened a brand new library.

The reading coordinator, Fiona Bates, at Brinsley Primary School, has been working towards opening the brand new school library.

Fiona said: “Over the last six months I have been working on a school library project where we have converted our old school staff room into a brand new library for the children.”

The opening of the library at the school in Moor Road, Brinsley, was attended by members of the community along with author, Daniel Henshaw, who has written ‘The Great Snail Robbery’, ‘The Missing Orangutan’ and ‘Jeremy’s Shorts’, who came to a share his books in a special reading assembly and was on hand to sign copies of his books at the end of the day.

Coun Janet Enevour from Brinsley Parish Council officially opened the library and was impressed by what the school had achieved.

Fiona said: “At Brinsley we believe that there is no such thing as a child that does not like reading there are simply children who have not yet found the right book.

“Our new library’s shelves are now heaving with new, diverse and interesting books to pique the interest of every single child in school.

“We know that reading for pleasure benefits pupils in all areas of their education and we are looking forward to firing imaginations and seeing the results of this endeavour in our children’s work.”

The room itself used to be the old staffroom and it has undergone a complete transformation, with funding being sourced from grants, parent donations and the hard work of the parent fundrasing group ‘Friends of Brinsley Primary School’ who raised money holding bake sales, non uniform days, competitions and raffles.

The pupils have also been encouraged to recycle their own used books to share with their classmates and fill the shelves in an initiative devised by the School Council.

Fiona said: “Each year group has selected two pupils to become the school’s reading ambassadors who were also present during the opening and borrowed their first library book. The Reading Ambassadors have responsibility for promoting reading for pleasure across school.”