Mansfield counsellor says recognising the need for self-care is vital to our wellbeing

Jason Hanson, Mansfield counsellor
Jason Hanson, Mansfield counsellor

Having been a therapist for nearly six years now, I have to say October was one of the toughest months I have ever had, writes Jason Hanson.

Never have I been as appreciative of my supervisor, who I am very lucky to be able to call upon after particularly challenging sessions.

I usually find that a profound reflection and reassessment can often be useful and provide us with a different perspective

Sometimes, whether it is a walk or even a holiday, taking time out for yourself, can refocus your mind on the things and the people who matter.

Whilst I may be a therapist, first and foremost I am a human, which means I have the same fallibility as everybody else.

The challenge we all have of course, is learning to love and respect ourselves.

You may think this is a given, but for many people I work with, that self-worth is lacking and intertwined with that is either an inability or unwillingness for clients to value themselves.

I haven’t met anybody yet who hasn’t possessed some good qualities, it’s just about helping people to locate these and challenge the negative thinking.

Conversing with a friend recently reinforced the fact that sometimes we all need to take a step back and consider the things in life which are important.

It is not selfish to throw ourselves into that equation.

The negative thought process can easily become a cycle in which there doesn’t seem to be a way out.

Whether you move through it yourself, or call on a friend, a professional or family member for support, ultimately it is you who has shown that strength and made that decision.

This is often the first step and one of the hardest, so it is important to recognise the achievement.

Often, our default position is to stand and look at the magnitude of the journey ahead.

However, what’s just as important is occasionally looking back at the distance you have already travelled.

Recognising the little achievements can provide you with the motivation and courage required for the bigger achievements.

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Jason Hanson is a counsellor in Mansfield. Visit his website here.