The best and worst rated doctor’s surgeries around Eastwood as voted by patients

Even before the pandemic, GPs said they were over-stretched and under pressure. But it appears that the vast majority of us are happy with how our local practice operates, according to the latest GP Patient Survey.

Friday, 25th June 2021, 9:07 am

The survey contacted hundreds of local people to gather information on how patients feel about their local GP and it reveals some of the best and worst surgeries in the Eastwood area.

The survey was carried out before the pandemic, between January and March 2020. The below surgeries are ranked by the proportion of patients that said they were ‘very good/poor’.

Here’s how some of your local surgeries fared:

Giltbrook Surgery received the best feedback from the survey.

Giltbrook surgery – It appears people liked this surgery most in the area. Of the people surveyed about the overall experience they’d had, 60 per cent of people agreed it was very good. A further 27 per cent of people said it was fairly good and 12 people remained neutral. No one thought it was poor or very poor.

Eastwood Primary Care Centre – The surgery had good feedback from patients, with 55 per cent saying their experiences had been very good. A total of 40 per cent agreed services had been fairly good, while four per cent remained neutral. Only one per cent of patients claimed poor experiences and a further one per cent said it was very poor.

Hama Medical Centre in Kimberley – Similar feedback for this surgery, with 54 per cent agreeing on very good services. A total of 35 per cent of patients thought the centre was fairly good, with eight per cent staying neutral. Two per cent said their experiences had been fairly poor, with one per cent claiming it was very poor.

Selston Surgery – Again, a total of 54 per cent said experiences at this surgery were very good, while 33 per cent said it was fairly good. Seven per cent of patients remained neutral. More people claimed to have had poor experiences however, with four per cent saying it was fairly poor and two per cent saying very poor.

Jacksdale Medical Centre – Although numbers of people giving good feedback for this surgery remain high at 51 per cent for very good and 33 per cent fairly good, many more people deemed their experiences to be below standard. Nine per cent of people who undertook the survey claimed to have had fairly poor experiences, with one per cent saying it was very poor. Seven per cent of people said it was neither good nor poor.