Death was a wake up call

Hooray for Cllr Rowley, who wrote in last week’s Advertiser on the state of the roads in and around Eastwood and problems with potholes.
Having read in the newspapers about the appalling death of a cyclist who hit a pothole and smashed his head on the road, it just proves how bad our roads are.
I’ve seen one or two holes about, but when I went across South Street lastweek, I noticed there must have been 30 or 40.
The death of the cyclist must be a wake-up call to all authorities over the country.
Don’t take potholes for granted, they can be death traps at the best of times. What will be the higher price to pay? Repairing the roads, paying out insurance claims or somebody dying, either in an accident or by tripping over while crossing the road?

Glyn Bradshaw