Generous Eastwood firm hands out free Christmas presents to its workers every day

Workers at Microlise find Christmas presents at their desks.
Workers at Microlise find Christmas presents at their desks.

Generous bosses at an Eastwood firm are playing Santa in the build-up to Christmas by giving their employees a free gift every day.

When they turn up for their shifts at software company Microlise, the 400-strong workforce are finding yuletide treats on their desks.

The surprise gifts include chocolate, biscuits, mince pies and sweets, all delivered by Microlise's small army of elves in the fortnight leading up to the Christmas break.

The Farrington Way company said it was a tradition that had been in place for ten years, and was its way of saying thankyou to its workers.

A spokesperson said: “The gifts may be practical, indulgent or just a bit of fun.

“It takes a fair amount of planning, and storage space, plus a lot of thought and care. But the work done by our gift-bearing elves is extremely well-received.

“For those who don’t need any additional presents, we have the option to re-gift them to a local charity that supports struggling families.”

Staff member Sam Watson, who has worked at Microlise for nine years, said: “The gesture makes going to work a little more exciting.

“It’s definitely a highlight, and it’s quite nice to feel appreciated.”

Marketing manager Jonathan Dolby said: “Everyone looks forward to it. It’s just a nice way for the company to say thankyou to everyone for their hard work over the year.”

The task of sourcing and buying the presents is down to one creative member of the Microlise team.

Mr Dolby added: “We try to pick items that are traditional for Christmas and that people will enjoy. It’s quite a challenge but, this year, the feedback has been very positive.”

The festive initiative sits alongside other popular thankyou events that the company runs, such as a summer barbecue for families, and gifts that are handed out at Easter and Valentine’s Day.