GUEST COLUMN: Roll up for the Major Oak Festival, by Coun John Knight

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This coming weekend is the annual Major Oak Woodland Festival taking place on September 10 and 11, which is promising a fantastic day out for everyone.

Now in its third year, the Major Oak Woodland Festival attracts people from all around the world where Sherwood Forest provides the unique backdrop of amazing ancient oaks and beautiful birch that set this apart from other woodland festivals.

Once part of the Royal Forest of Sherwood, the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve is a magnificent wildlife area, it is Britain’s ‘heart of oak’, and the jewel in Nottinghamshire’s environmental heritage crown.

During the festival, Sherwood Forest will also be full of ‘bodgers’.

The bodgers’ main craft was producing chairs but these days their creativity includes all sorts of items from spoons to bowls and from chairs to light pulls.

All this using no, or very few, power tools.

Don’t confuse a ‘bodge’ job with a ‘botched job’ which is bad piece of work. Their heritage craft is a thing of beauty and 

This autumn event is very popular and is a great celebration of Sherwood Forest and our iconic Major Oak, as traditional and modern woodland crafts and skills are displayed and promoted in the historic forest.

This FREE fun day out for the whole family brings together heritage crafts, traditional toys, outdoor learning and environmental play, conservation organisations, learning about bugs ‘n’ critters and much, much more.

So come and enjoy a fine day in Sherwood Forest meet bodgers, charcoal burners, wood turners, conservation organisations and be inspired to get back to nature!

It’s also your chance to find out if you are smarter than the Major Oak, so will you dare to ask this grand ancient oak tree a question?

Sponsoring the Woodland Festival for a fantastic third year is Robert Woodhead Ltd, a local company based in Edwinstowe.

Robert Woodhead is an award-winning company that specialises in the design, construction, refurbishment, conservation and repairs and maintenance of historic buildings.

It is part of the company’s vision to celebrate and raise awareness for traditional heritage crafts, and we are proud and privileged to have their support.

The Festival is also supported by Newark and Sherwood District Council. The Festival runs from 11am – 4pm each day.