History of Eastwood’s Durban House

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Durban House on the corner of Greenhills Road and Mansfield Road was built as the offices of the colliery owners Barber, Walker and Co.

It has also been known as The Officials institute and, on a map of 1960, as The Flats. During the 1920s and 30s dances were held upstairs. At the Mansfield Road entrance the ground floor flat was the caretakers, Mr and Mrs Parnham in the 1930s and Mrs Smith during the 1939-45 war years. Mrs Smith was paid £2.50 a week.

At one time the flat on the Greenhills Road entrance was occupied by the Preece family. Mr Preece was head gardener to Mr Philips at The Grange. Durban House was put up for auction in 1987.