Pitch makes area safer

I am writing in response regarding complaints of noise from the all-weather sports pitch at Greasley Sports Centre.

Is this noise really worth complaining about to such an extent that taxpayers’ money is wasted in court hearings? I am quite disappointed that my council tax has been spent on this.

I am a local resident and walk my dog through the park next to the all-weather pitches at least twice a day.

When walking through this area after dark in the evening I feel a lot more safe when the pitches are in use and the floodlights are on.

I have also walked through the park when the pitch is not in use, at least one of the lights that is supposed to illuminate the footpath through the park is not working, and the whole atmosphere of the park was completely different.

There were at least six late teens complete with mopeds/scooters hanging around, and several similar aged teens hanging around on the children’s play area in the dark - likely to be causing damage as the equipment on the park is designed for small children, not 15-18 year olds complete with beer bottles. When the pitches are in use this never seems to be the case.

I agree that there is some noise from the pitches, but I do not think it is disturbing or offensive.

In my opinion the floodlit sports pitches bring a positive impact to the area, and the noise generated from these is no worse than that from the children playing in the playground at the school, or on the park at Dovecote Road.

The more facilities that can be provided for all people the better our overall neighbourhood will be.

Perhaps the residents who have raised complaints should consider whether they have too much time on their hands.

They need to realise that facilities need to be available for all manner of people, some people like to be active and healthy, whereas others prefer to sit at home making pointless complaints about others who are enjoying themselves.

Do I currently use these football pitches? No.

Do I intend to in the near future? Yes.

I do not want to see them being closed down!

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