Six miles of M1 roadworks to be lifted - but more work planned

Motorway roadworks are planned across the region.
Motorway roadworks are planned across the region.

Six miles of roadworks on the M1 to the north of Mansfield are to be lifted from Monday.

The restrictions, which have seen a 50mph speed limit imposed on 20-mile section of road between Junctions 28 and 31, are to be partially lifted next week. But it comes as preparations for start for work to begin between Junctions 32 and 34.

Restrictions are to be removed between Junction 30 and 31, with those between Junction 29A and Junction 30 being lifted next month.

The entire scheme, down to Mansfield’s Junction 28, is due to end in December.

Work has been taking place to create a ‘smart motorway scheme’, where there will be an extra lane of traffic and overhead electronic message signs will give drivers information about congestion and lane closures.

Highways England senior project manager Andy Kirk said: “We understand that drivers get frustrated when they drive for miles and can’t see a lot of obvious construction work going on, and we recognise that there are a lot of roadworks on the M1 at the moment. So rather than keep roadworks in place, we will work behind the scenes completing various technical tasks, until we’re ready to implement the smart motorway on this section.”

Further roadworks between Junction 32 for Rotherham and Junction 35A for Stocksbridge are still continuing, with work between Junction 32 and 34 for Sheffield starting next month.