Why have they resigned?

I believe it is becoming obvious that something is going wrong at Kimberley Town Council with five members having recently resigned. It is with regret that we have lost these members.
This has never happened at this scale in the entire history of Kimberley Town Council. So why now?
There seems to be a deafening silence from the chairman, Cllr Jim McDonald.
We have asked reasonable questions over the proposed sale of the Cemetery Lodge, but the answers we have received, in my view, have no resemblance to the question.
There seems to be no answer as to why five long-standing councillors feel they cannot continue.
The council seems to be grinding to a halt.
I understand that some requests from community groups, which have long-standing relationships with council, have receive no response.
With regard to the Cemetery Lodge, we’re still waiting for the answer as to why there are plans to sell it.


Greasley and District

Civic Society