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A campaign group in Kimberley say it is ‘crucial’ many people as possible go to an exhibition where the plans for the brewery site will be laid bare.

The Save Our Brewery group say it is a busy time at the moment with holidays and the Olympics, but are desperately appealing to residents to go to the exhibition on August 7 to meet the site owner and quiz him on his plans.

Group secretary Jo Cooke said: “We want to encourage as many people along as we can to look at the plans, tell the people responsible for them what they think, and take part in the consultation process.

“It could easily pass under the radar with exciting things going on, but it musn’t.

“So many people have said they are interested and this is the time and opportunity to prove that.”

Brewery Site owner Rafiq Vindhani has heavily hinted that he wants to make the site ‘mixed use’ incorporating both residential and commercial uses.

Ms Cooke said she hoped the site would be developed in an ‘imaginative and interesting way’ and said she hoped it would not be ‘all red brick boxes’.

“It would be lovely to see the tower converted into appartments or the former offices used to give start up business opportunities,” she said.

“It would also be nice to have some sort of community use, but it’s not somehting we can expect,” she added.

Ms Cooke said she hoped as many trees as possible would be kept drawn into the plans, and that there would be good aceessability.

The exhibition will be held on August 7 at Kimberley Parish Hall between 12noon and 7pm.