100-years-old and still fighting fit

Mary Moore and Grandaughter Abigail Moore shopping in Sainsbury's
Mary Moore and Grandaughter Abigail Moore shopping in Sainsbury's
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Mary Ellen Moore from Nuthall turned 100 this week and is still living at home doing all her own cooking and cleaning.

The sprightly pensioner – who has 40 grandchildren – didn’t retire until she was 82, and then spent years helping elderly neighbours with chores and errands.

When asked what her secret to a long life was she said getting to 100 had been ‘hard work’, but her secret was staying away from alcohol and cigarettes, and putting her family first.

“I’ve never had a lot of money, but I always kept my family first.

“I never smoked and never drank and I think I’ve always been hardworking which has helped.

“It’s been hard work getting here though!,” she added.

Mary, known by her middle name Ellen, still shops at Sainsburys in Kimberley every week, and has done so since the store opened 30 years ago.

Staff at the store presented her with a birthday cake and flowers on Monday, two days before she celebrated the milestone birthday with a huge party for over 100 family and friends at Kimberley Cricket Club.

Mary’s granddaughter Abigail said her mamma was ‘inspirational’ and had ‘heart of gold’.

“She is inspirational to us all. You wouldn’t find many people living on their own at 100 and doing all their own cooking and cleaning still.

“She has just got a lovely heart. She really has got a heart of gold.

“She would do anything for anybody and just is a very grateful woman.”

Ellen has a huge five generation family including three children, who still live in the area and visit her every week.

She has ten grandchildren, 20 great grandchildren and nine great-great grandchildren with a tenth on the way.

Ellen suffers mild Dementia, but Abigail said it is mainly just remembering who is who in her family.

“It’s not things like leaving the cooker on, it’s just remembering who we all are!,” said Abigail.

“The big family confuses her.”

Pet Cockateil Alfie, named after her husband, has kept Ellen company for the last 21 years, and she has taught him to say all sorts through the years.

Abigail, 25, said: “He says ‘are you going to bed?’, ‘what are doing’, and at the minute she is trying to teach him how to say ‘dirty b*gger’ cos he chucks seed on the floor!”

Ellen started life in Woodlinkin before moving to Giltbrook and marrying Alfred Moore in 1939.

The couple then moved to Nuthall, where Ellen has now lived for 44 years.

Before having children the 100-year-old worked in a paper factory making brown paper carrier bags in Nottingham. She been a widow since her Alfred died in 1962.

Her son David said: “She is very lucky, and I’m sure it helps having us all still living in the area visiting her all the time. her and her bird Alfie are going to grow old together!”