£2 coin trickster targeted elderly


Two burglaries on the same day which used a £2 coin to target elderly women in Hucknall and Ravenshead may be linked, police have said.

Nottinghamshire Police are warning residents to be vigilant after the two reported distraction burglaries on Monday, February 27.

The first took place at a house in Regina Crescent, Ravenshead, at about 9.45am, when the suspect asked an elderly woman if she could change a £2 coin for two £1 coins before entering the house uninvited.

He then grabbed hold of her purse and tried to take notes out of it before leaving.

The second burglary happened at a property in Hanson Crescent, Hucknall, at about noon.

Again, the suspect approached the victim and asked if she had two pound coins for a single two pound coin. She checked her purse and said she couldn’t change the money before inviting him to her home nearby.

She took him upstairs to change the money before dropping some on the floor.

The suspect helped her pick up the money but then took it himself before leaving the property.

The victim later noticed £500 had gone missing from her home.

The suspect in both burglaries was a man in his mid 30s, speaking poor English with an Eastern European accent. He has very dark black hair with a curl on his forehead, olive-toned skin and dark brown eyes.

He was smartly dressed wearing a long dark black coat, possibly made from wool and which came past his knees.

Anyone with information is urged to call police on 101, quoting incident numbers 323 (Ravenshead) and 327 (Hucknall) of Monday, February 27.