4,500 mile charity tour in the States

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Kimberley swing singer Frankie Martin has begun a month-long charity tour of the United States travelling 4,500 miles from coast to coast.

The popular singer will travel from Los Angeles to New York singing in 28 pubs in 30 days, and will raise money for the American forces charity, US Homefront.

NEAA 24-09-12 BE 14 Ian Campbell and Shane are doing a charity tour of America.

NEAA 24-09-12 BE 14 Ian Campbell and Shane are doing a charity tour of America.

“It’s nice to do something for the American troops because they spill more blood than anyone,” said Frankie.

He will be travelling with his pal Shane Easom, who is going over to the States to pick up a 58-year-old vinage Chevvy truck, which will carry them around the country on their tour.

Ian decided to tag along with Shane to pick the truck up, raising money for charity along the way.

“It was too much of a good opportunity to miss really,” he said.

“Shane has got a few vintage vehicles and wanted this specific model and I thought it’s a great opportunity to do a good thing at the same time.

“All costs like flights and fuel have been paid, so everything raised will go straight to charity.

“I just hope the truck holds out. We’re taking gaffa tape and a spanner with us!,” he said.

The swing singer is passionate about raising money for the armed forces because his dad was in the RAF.

Last year he raised £142,000 touring the UK, but said this latest tour was ideal because his dad did a lot of work with American troops.

“He worked with them so much so that he earned he the nickname ‘Tex’,” said Ian.

The distance from Los Angeles to New York is 3,500 miles, but the pair will be travelling an extra thousand because of the route they are taking.