£45,000 award to tackle crime

NEAABE110727a2, Eastwood coronation park.
NEAABE110727a2, Eastwood coronation park.
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A GRANT totalling £45,000 has been awarded to Eastwood in a bid to reduce crime in the town.

The ‘action plan’ will run over the next year and organisers hope to get the town’s crime figures down by 34 per cent, and also put a dent in the county’s overall figures.

There will be homelessness surgeries, alcohol and drugs awareness programmes in schools, ‘compliance checks’ at off licenses, security patrols in parks, police operations, ‘motivator’ buses handing out advice about hate crime and domestic violence and a focus on developing and increasing the number of neighbourhood watch schemes.

Eastwood was one of 15 towns in Nottinghamshire picked for the funding because it suffers high crime and anti-social behaviour.

The project is being run by the South Nottinghamshire Community Safety Partnership, an organisation made up of agencies such as Broxtowe Borough Council and the police.

Marice Hawley, the council’s principal officer for communities, said: “It’s an action plan to address any issues in Eastwood that would impact on crime.

“Plans include giving information out so people can protect themselves, and also diversion activities for young people to get them off the streets.

“The idea is if we improve the county’s pockets of high crime, it will hugely impact on the county’s overall figures.”

But Ms Hawley said it was important the amount of crime in Eastwood was kept in perspective.

“It’s not necessarily that it’s dreadfully high and everywhere else is okay,” she said.

“Nottinghamshire is bucking the trend compared to everywhere else in the country and crime is reducing, particularly in the south.

“We want to do even better though, and this is designed to do that.”

Although other areas such as Beeston will be running the schemes, they will have to find the funding themselves.