6,150 new homes for Broxtowe

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A FINAL figure for the number of houses to be built in Broxtowe borough in the next two decades has been put forward for debate.

Broxtowe Borough Council’s cabinet passed the recommendation to build 6,150 new homes between 2013 and 2028 after a vote on Tuesday night.

The council is still looking at building hundreds of new homes in Nuthall, 1,300 in or around Eastwood and 600 in or around Kimberley.

About half of the houses – roughly 3,000 will be built on brownfield sites, leaving the remaining homes to be built on greenbelt – something residents have been up-in-arms about since the council announced it would be setting out potential sites for new housing.

But Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry said Kimberley was too small to accommodate 600 properties, and said it would swallow up every last bit of the town’s greenbelt.

“It would fill in all those green spaces that at the minute keep the town as a community.

“Kimberley has already bled into Watnall. Greenbelt is there to prevent urban sprawl. That’s what it’s there to do.”

The MP said the proposals were ‘disgraceful’.

“This is absolutely disgraceful,” she said. “The council does not have to accept this target. There’s enough brownfield land for 3,000 new homes. They say they want housing for our children, but they are going to be concreting over the greenbelt that’s there for our children.

“Broxtowe is the most densely populated borough in the county and arguably in the East Midlands.

“For the life of me, I don’t understand it.”

Kimberley councillor Ken Rigby said that the final list of sites where the 6,150 homes could be built will be finalised and sent off to the Government after the figures are debated at a full council meeting on Wednesday May 16.

Every borough and district council in the Greater Nottingham area – including Erewash – has had to create documents detailing where they will take a share of the roughly 52,000 houses the area is said to need over the next 15 years.