A 'clean break' Brexit simply doesn't exist

Rory Palmer MEP
Rory Palmer MEP

Here in the European Parliament, I’m busy making sure your voice is heard, writes Rory Palmer MEP.

In recent weeks I’ve raised important issues like access to cancer treatment, rising demand at food banks and support for people with ME or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Turning to Brexit, I absolutely understand people’s frustration.

I hear it from people in Bassetlaw and from colleagues in Brussels.

The reality is that whether the UK leaves with or without the new deal, it will not be the end of this.

Far from it.

It will just be the start of the next phase.

A so-called ‘clean break Brexit’ doesn’t exist.

Leaving without a deal would be a disaster for the UK’s economy and living standards, and will leave the country in a much weaker position.

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Negotiating future trade deals will take years.

There is no such thing as ‘just getting on with Brexit’.

On whatever terms Britain leaves the EU, this will dominate politics for years to come.

Boris Johnson’s version of leave today is not what was promised back in 2016.

Those who campaigned for leaving, including Boris Johnson, did so promising a good deal, not the chaos of no deal.

The situation today is fundamentally different to three years ago.

That’s why Labour’s position of putting a credible leave deal back to the people in a public vote is the sensible option, with the option to remain on the ballot.

People should have the chance to give their consent to a credible leave option.

If people want to opt for the current deal we have as a member of the EU, they should have that choice.

When trade unions negotiate on pay they take the final deal back to their members.

This gives everyone a final say once the detail of the deal is known, letting people accept or reject what’s on offer.

This important principle should be applied to Brexit.

Rory Palmer is an MEP for the East Midlands.