A ‘devastating blow’ for my disabled mum

Eastwood cash offis
Eastwood cash offis

An Eastwood woman has said the closure of the town’s council cash office will be a ‘devastating blow’ for her disabled, elderly mum.

Pat Hallam’s mum, Annette Manners, 74, has paid her rent and council tax using Eastwood’s cash office service for more than 50 years, visiting every week on her mobility scooter.

If the cash office is closed, Annette, who suffers from health conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure, would have to take two buses to get to the Beeston office instead.

Pat, 54, of Princes Street in Eastwood, said: “My mum is devastated it could close after all these years.

“Her words were ‘it’s alright for someone to sit there and say they will shut it, but they don’t know whose lives they are playing with.”

Pat Hallam contacted Eastwood MP Gloria De Piero after Broxtowe Borough Council chiefs confirmed that the cash office on Nottingham Road would close at the end of March.

Broxtowe Borough Council has said that residents and business owners can pay their housing and garage rent, council tax, business rates and other money they owe the council either online, by direct debit, by post or over the phone on an automated telephone line.

However people like Annette who do not have a debit card or current account and who want to continue paying in person to avoid having to send confidential paperwork through the post, are left with few options.

Pat said: “Going to the cash office gives folk a purpose to get out, do a bit of shopping and see their friends, instead of just stopping at home on their own.”