A fourth casualty at council

A fourth councillor quit Kimberley Town Council last week.

Dot Saxton, who has been on the council for eight years, resigned last Friday claiming the way the council was run had become ‘too complex’.

The news comes less than two weeks after three other councillors quit, claiming they did not agree with decisions being made, and they felt money was not being spent appropriately.

66-year-old Mrs Saxton said: “I am sad to leave after so long but I feel like I am not having any input.

“It’s the issues they talk about and the way they talk about them. It seems to be more complex than before and it feels like it’s above my head.”

Mrs Saxton said she did not think council meetings should be complex at parish council level.

“They are trying to up the level and make it more complex than it needs to be.

“A parish council should be a parish council, not operated like a borough council.”

The pensioner suffers COPD and diabetes, and says it was also becoming difficult to commit to council meetings.

Council chairman Jim McDonald said: “Dot contributed a great deal in many ways and was very pragmatic. I am sorry she has decided to resign.”

The three other councillors who left were Roy Plumb, who had been on the council 30 years, Steve Brunt, who been on the council for 11 years, and Shane Easom who had served seven years.